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Country: Austria

Year: 2019

Length: 13 min

Premiere: Fastnet Film Festival, Irland (2019)

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Marlene and István learn during an ultrasound examination that their baby, in the seventh month of pregnancy, no longer has heart tones. Marlene has to give birth to the dead baby in two days.


We live in a time where we have to work hard for not to become indifferent to the other person. Apart from our own problems, we have to be aware to also perceive others. I know my neighbor, but I have no idea which load really carries him. Empathy is like a muscle. If you do not develop, it will wane.


Levente Molnár

Marlene Hauser



Director: Kálmán Nagy
Screenplay: Kálmán Nagy
Producer: Alisa Frischholz

Cinematographer: Sebastian Kubelka

Editor: Simon Essl

Assistant to the director: Joshua Hoffman

Production Sound: Simon Essl, Sophie Wasserburger

Sound Design: Simon Essl

Production design: Alex Baur

Make-up Artist: Inge Schrammel

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