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Original title: Olyan dolgok

Country: Austria/Hungary

Year: 2020

Length: 25 min

"A magnificent ensemble in a remarkable, disturbing film."

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Éva lives a nightmare. She has the terrible suspicion that her husband has done something to her five-year-old daughter. Éva seeks help from her best friends. But can they help her?


How do you confront the other with your suspicions? How exactly does that happen? And when you have overcome your shame and fears, how can you be sure that the other person is telling the truth? What is the guarantee for this and is there any? How do people behave to whom this secret is shared? How do you deal with that, which is still taboo in society? How do we think and how do we cope with such a crisis situation?

Stream is only possible in Austria


• Best Shortfilm & Audience Award - Węgiel Film Festival, 2021 (Poland)
• Best Narrative Short - Verona International Film Festival 2021, (Italy)
• Best Short Film Klosterneuburg - Shortynale Filmfestival (Austria 2020) 
• JUVINALE - Nachwuchsfilmfest Salzburg (Austria 2021)
• Audience Award - Malter Film Festival (Hungary 2021)
• Nomination for Best Short Film & Best Actress - Bucharest ShortCut Cine Fest (Romania 2020)

FESTIVALS (selection)

• Diagonale – Festival des österreichischen Films, 2020 (Austria)
• Palm Springs International Shortfest, 2020 (USA)
• Hollyshorts Film Festival 2021 (USA)
• FEST – New Directors New Films Festival, 2020 (Portugal)
• Juvinale Nachwuchsfilmfest Salzburg, 2021 (Austria) 
• Shortynale Filmfestival Klosterneuburg, 2020 (Austria) 
• Węgiel Film Festival, 2021 (Poland)

•  Verona International Film Festival 2021, (Italy)

• Boston Short Film Festival, 2021 (USA)

• Bucharest  ShortCut Cine Fest, 2020 (Romania)
• Filmfestival Kitzbühel, 2020 (Austria)

• Fünf Seen Film Festival, 2020 (Germany)

• Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS, 2021 (Latvia)

•  Student International Film Festival (STIFF), 2021 (Croatia)
• Bruessel Independent Film Festival 2021 (Belgium)
• 44. Internationale Grenzland-Filmtage, 2021 (Germany)
• Sydney World Film Festival, 2021 (Australia)


Jeanne Katalin Lipták

Gergely Bánki

Móni Bense

Péter Jankovics

Emma Császár-Németh

Fruzsina Keller



Director: Kálmán Nagy
Screenplay: Kálmán Nagy
Producer: Alisa Frischholz

Cinematographer: Sebastian Kubelka

Editor: Simon Essl

Music: Bálint Banyó

Production Sound: Simon Essl

Sound Design: Simon Essl

Co-Producer: Judit Orbán Nagyné

Production design: Veronika Rostási

Color correction: Nick Unger

Costume: Anna Prischl

Make-up Artist: Laura Papp

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