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Original title: Az utca másik vége

Country: Austria/Hungary

Year: 2022

Length: 22 min

Distribution company: Lemonade Films

International Sales: Kurzfilm Sales Hamburg




28th Sarajevo Film Festival

Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand

Festival Premiers Plans d'Angers

 Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis - BEST SHORT FILM & AUDIENCE AWARD

Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film - THOMAS PLUCH SCREENPLAY AWARD

In The Palace International Short Film Festival

51th Huesca International Film Festival

Austrian Film Prize - Nomination as Best Short Film

BAFTA Student Awards - Shortlist



When 10-year-old Ábel is attacked by his classmate Bence at school, his father decides to visit Bence's parents to put an end to the constant harassment. However, the conversation does not go as hoped and confronts father and son with a moral dilemma.



When children are socialized in an abusive or neglectful environment, they experience this as a normal part of their lives. If no one pays attention to their feelings, they will not take their own feelings seriously neither. How could they feel the pain of the other child they are hurting at school? And how can we expect them to show empathy and tenderness to others later as an adult if they have no experience about it?


With THE OTHER END OF THE STREET, Kálmán Nagy succeeds in a fine, millimeter-precise realization of a father-son conflict that emotionally carries us away and surprises us with its dramaturgical arc. A very truthful play that exposes the feelings of each individual character and lets us experience their dilemma between responsibility and violence in a non-judgmental way.


Tamás - Zsolt Nagy

Ábel - Ágoston Sáfrány

Imre - Gáspár Téri

Bence - Milán Zikkert

Kati - Jeanne Katalin Lipták



Director: Kálmán Nagy
Screenplay: Kálmán Nagy
Producer: Alisa Frischholz

Director of Photography: Manuel Prett

Production Sound: Cristi Iorga, Jakob Mäsel

Supervising Sound Designer: Jakob Mäsel

Editor: Sarah Kučera

Co-Producer: Zsolt Nagy

Production design: Noémi Borcsányi-Andits

Color correction: Lee Niederkofler

Costume: Anna Prischl

Make-up Artist: Réka Wolf

Re-Recording Mixer: Lorenz Fischer

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